Want us to make a change for many? Then support us before Monday, August 17th

This can become a game-changer for many - but time is running out!

We have set Monday, August 17 as the final deadline to decide whether or not we can fund the trip of our speaker Matthias Behrends to follow the invitation by the Kenyan Psychological Association.

Here was our original call for funding with all the background, and here is the condensed version of what we will be presenting.

As the trip is supposed to start in less than two weeks and we need to allocate the funds quickly, from now on please do only use our bank account for donations, not the fundraisers at betterplace and Ammado - which we will close shortly.

We have emphasized in the past what a great opportunity this is to multiply our working model among the over 500 conference guests. Still, we do not want to re-allocate project funds for this to happen. Therefore, we are asking for your help.