The Romanian woman saving victims of sex trafficking

The Romanian woman saving victims of sex trafficking

Psychologist Iana Matei rescues girls forced into prostitution and gives them shelter, counselling and an education.

​For 18 years now, the Romanian psychologist has been running a shelter for victims of sexual exploitation in a village near the city of Pitesti, about an hour's drive from Bucharest.

During this time, she has helped hundreds of women and young girls who were trafficked into prostitution.Sometimes, she goes out and rescues them from their traffickers herself. It takes courage to do so because the perpetrators are often ruthless.

"Outrage - that's what drives me, I'm angry at the people who do this, who beat up a young girl, rape her and force her into prostitution so she'll be traumatised for life. And I'm angry at society for turning a blind eye. It's so unjust."

says Iana Matei.
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