Still not feeling safe from the inside

I wanted to sleep but I couldn't when I remembered what I saw. And I wouldn't sleep, I would stay awake because of how scared I was.

Rasshida, 13 yo

... the 13-year-old Raashida verbalizes, what around 90 percent of the children in these camps feel. Medical care, food and safety - these important traits are given by the aid agencies. But what they still need are methods to make these traumatized children feel safe from the inside again.

Raqqa, a city around 160km away from Aleppo, is under the control of the ISIL since 2013. As the fighting to liberate the Syrian city began on June 6th, 2017, lots of convicts fled this terrible realm. Camps around the city were build to help these people, but even though they are safe in there, especially kids don't feel this way.

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Access to effective stabilization methods is practically nonexistent in the region. The Essential Toolkit intends to change this.

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