On the road with Kosovo's first female president

On the road with Kosovo's first female president

How Atifete Jahjaga fights for the rights of wartime rape victims

During the war in 1998 and 1999 between the ethnic Albanian majority fighting for an independent Kosovo, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA),and Slobodan Milosevic's brutal security forces, an estimate of 20,000 women - and men - were raped, often branded with the Serbian cross and then stigmatised by the community.

As Atifete Jahjaga became first female president in 2011, she knew she had to stand up for all those female victims of sexual violence during the war, who had long been forgotten about.

"As a woman I will never forgive myself if I will not do that for those women. If I will not do it now, nobody will do it in the future because I know this region, I know the mentality here and now is the time.", Jahjaga says.

In March 2014, she established the National Council for the Survivors of Sexual Violence, which led to the result that the Kosovo Assembly amended the law on war veterans to include survivors of sexual violence as civilian victims of the war.

More detailed information about Atifete Jahjaga and her presidency is in the following article below.

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