Neglecting Mental Health Can Ruin Peoples Lives

‚ÄčThe new UK mental health report set up by the National Health Service, or NHS, emphasises how mental health is one of the world's most neglected diseases and can even ruin lives if it is not being treated.

‚ÄčIn the following inside story, Jacqui Dyer, Vice Chair of the Mental Health Taskforce, Crick Lund, CEO of PRIME, the Programme for Improving Mental Healthcare and Peter Yaro, Executive Director of Basic Needs Ghana, talk about the main causes for mental health problems and how they can or should be alleviated.

"It's essential to integrate poverty alleviation interventions with mental health interventions[..] because poverty is strongly associated with increasing risks for common mental health problems. Basic Needs has been doing pioneering work in integrating poverty alleviation strategies with comunity-based mental health care."

by Crick Lund, CEO of PRIME, the Programme for Improving Mental Healthcare.