"Life becomes something new again" - Anjali from India

On of the most rewarding experiences always is to have someone with whom you worked getting back to you after a long time. It is not only fulfilling to see how life unfold for someone after an intervention. What also fascinates me is how someone retrospectively describes the effect the encounter had. In general, we often understand what an experience did with us only after some time.

So it happened that I got in touch with a woman from India whith whom I worked as a Trauma-Assistant back in 2009. This is what she had to say:

Working with Matthias changed my life. I learned how to get over bad memories from the past and to stand up for what is right for me. This helped me move ahead for a better future. Because of this I married my loving husband and settled down. Today I am happy. And if I have problems in my life now, I can face them with a smiling face.

by Anjali

Later in 2015 she added a phrase to this, which resonated with me in a special way:

Life becomes something new again...

by Anjali