How a Leprosy Sufferer Overcame Suicide

How a Leprosy Sufferer Overcame Suicide
​A man who suffered from leprosy tried to take his own life on two occasions and shares his story.

After this man found out he had the disease, his wife left him and he was ostracised by his community as the disease was incurable, disfiguring and incorrectly thought to be highly infectious.

Having nobody left, no shelter or place to sleep and no food, he suffered a lot and tried to kill himself - twice.

Luckily he survived both his suicide attempts - the first time, strangers carried him from the railway tracks, the second time, his daughter pulled the rope he was hanging from to release him.

These people have shown him that, despite the disease, every life is worth living for.

Today, he tells us about his difficult past and life as a leprosy sufferer.

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