Healing Souls wins Social Impact Start Pitch in Mannheim

Healing Souls wins Social Impact Start Pitch in Mannheim

And The Winner Is...

Yes, we did it! Six out of almost 20 social business ideas pitched at Alte Feuerwache Mannheim - and the jury faced the difficult task to decide which project would receive a scholarship for a 4week-Push-Session in the Startup Lab Berlin.

I was impressed by how much creativity and passion was taken to stage that night. Sometimes you can get the feeling to swim alone when you stand up for a good cause. Last night truly made a difference for us. We, that means me (Matthias Behrends), Carina Maier (Project Intern) and Nirvana Rose (FacePainting Artist) who supported the project on-site. The traditional Indian dancer Shany Sara Mathew was with us in spirit and through her supporting message in our presentation.

The winning Pitch (German)

The person I missed most last night was Dr. Charlotte Baltrusch, still on her flight back from Colombia where she had the most recent training. The whole idea of Healing Souls started with me encountering her. She being a therapist as full-heartedly you can imagine. In her, tireless dedication, focused efficiency and almost notoric decency ;) meet in one person. A mentor, a source of inspiration and hope. Being able to witness her work for me personally often meant no less than witnessing small wonders. It is a wonder to see what all is possible - and few seem to take notice. Well, quite a few more since last night!

Something I could not say last night - or maybe I did not dare - that people have no idea how many obstacles we faced and overcame during our work so far. It has been difficult and often dangerous to empower those who have no voice. It is a most rewarding experience that totally transformed my life. Still, the overwhelming appreciation from audience, the other project organizers and the jury was something that touched me deeply. Thanks for this!

What happened last night again proved to me that it is worth it to fight for a dream. I saw this spark in other projects as well. And in many people who came to speak to us. That gives hope.

The scholarship will take Healing Souls to the next level in Berlin and will help us changing even more lives much sooner. Thanks for the trust in us. Trust has always been the most important aspect of our work. And making the most out of an opportunity - is what I stand for.

Best wishes to all,


Über Social Impact Start

Social Impact Start unterstützt Ideen und Unternehmensgründungen, deren Fokus darauf liegt gesellschaftliche, soziale oder ökologische Veränderungen zu bewirken. Das Programm vergibt Stipendien an angehende Social Entrepreneurs in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. - www.socialimpactstart.eu

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