A Crucial Step Towards Ending Helplessness When Dealing With Emotional Distress & Psychological Trauma

The Emotional Stabilization Standard Protocol (ESSP) is the first guideline of its kind that incorporates qualified methods for emotional stabilization that are informed by psychotrauma-therapy. It also reflects an innovative approach to teaching these methods with audio-visual media.

The ESSP is a step-by-step instruction on how to competently and safely interact with humans presenting emotional distress or potential psychological trauma. Avoid mistakes, e.g. avoidable retraumatization, and learn how you can make a difference, both as professional or volunteer.

The ESSP and its associated modules (which follow in the days to come) are published under a Creative Commons license and will be permanently available free of charge. We recommend you create a free account in order to receive updates and be able to access all materials that we will release soon: