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Malala chose to make a difference

Malala chose to make a difference

Malala chose to make a difference. She chose to ‘’be the change that she wishes to see in the world’’, as Gandhi says. She did this by having the courage to speak up and fight for her dream of empowering women through education, despite all the consequences that this can bring. She also chose to make a difference in the way she fights the enemy, not through anger or violence, but through empathy and dialogue.

This seventeen years old girl is an excellent example of impressive maturity and empathy. If we would all follow her example, raise our voice against calamities and fight the opponent through peace, maybe we could bring a social change, maybe we could create a better world where the peace prevails, and maybe, we could avoid the country of the blind where the one eyed man is the king.

[Note by HS - This was a comment Antoneta made during the preparation phase of the website. We post it now as we believe these thoughts should not remain unheard.]

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